Opening: September 2, 2022

For his new project ‘Collection d’Amuse’, Matthias Wollgast is developing a staged archive of artworks and documents. In his solo exhibition at Galerie Rupert Pfab, the conceptual artist presents parts of a fictitious ‘Collection’ for the first time. The title of the exhibition “how to be invisible” is the programme here, because thematically the new works circulate around processes of dissolution, transformation and destruction, but also of hiding, packaging and preserving. They use imagined and found motifs from art history and everyday culture. Thus textiles, postcards, paper bags, literature and photography are juxtaposed after being processed as collage, cameraless photography, sculpture or painting.
The presentation takes place on a specially created backdrop of archive shelves and wall displays. These provide the stage for the performance of what appears to be a thematic group exhibition, but in the form of a one-person piece. The works on display appear here as “actors” in a staging of ordered heterogeneity, communicating with each other, referring to and rejecting each other. In this play of things, the presence or absence of the body, the author and the artist ultimately also becomes an important confrontation.