Opening: August 6, 2022

Line, reduction of the form of expression and delicacy in appearance are the unifying features of the works in the exhibition “Light on hands”.
The abstract drawings by Kazuki Nakahara, Daniela Wesenberg and the paintings by Sophia Schama explore in their reduced and at the same time complex forms and lines the relationship between being and becoming, foreground and background, completion and apparent incompleteness. They show a minimalism whose reflections, pictorial inventions and constructions give rise to works whose ideological foundations have their origins in the art history of the 20th century, especially in abstract expressionism or conceptual art. There, too, there was an interest in the processual and the unfinished.
The exploration of scientific phenomena has always been an incentive and challenge for artists. In her extremely precise drawings, Amélie Bouvier deals with the potential danger posed by celestial bodies hovering above us, such as asteroids and comets, which can cause immense destruction or even the complete extinction of humanity in the event of a collision with the earth. The delicacy of the pencil drawings contrasts with the threatening subject matter.