Opening: March 12, 2022

Simone Lucas’ work impresses with its mystical and mysterious visual worlds that evoke memories and associations but have little in common with our real world. The protagonists are mostly young women and children on the threshold of adulthood. They accompany us through time- and space-less sceneries without looking at the viewers or perceiving the other figures in the picture. They are part of their own cosmos, in which they act silently but naturally. We find them in places reminiscent of study halls, studios or living rooms or at play in nature.
The exhibition “Light and Matter” brings together paintings from a new group of works that deal with extended studies of nature, as found in scientific literature but also in narrative prose. Thus, books appear in some of the paintings, such as a scientific paper by the physicist Louis de Broglie (1892-1987). There it is about the dual existence of matter, which can appear both as particles and as waves. And this is always the case in paintings, too, where colour is visible as material, but at the same time can represent the figurative. Such observations of nature are also the theme of Simone Lucas’ new paintings of butterflies or mushrooms, since nature develops its own colour spectra here without any human intervention and creates beauty with the help of light and matter.