Opening: November 06, 2021

Frauke Dannerts works are intensively involved with architecture, especially with modernist buildings. She is confronting different architectural styles with each other, thus making it clear that there are no final solutions, but always only settings within a variety of possibilities. The fact that the solution chosen in each case is not arbitrary, is evident from the fact that we experience her pictures as a confrontation with breaks and contradictions, just as the built architectures reveal. The artist sets an order against the gigantic abundance of the pictorial world. Images from the internet and newspaper clippings, images that had a function and were devalued by endless reproduction, are given new meaning and value through her collages.
In addition to the large-scale wall works and the small format on paper, mostly framed, she also shows her paintings in the form of light projections in the form of light projections as well as photography and slides.