Opening: July 10, 2021

We are very pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Anna-Maria Bogner at Galerie Rupert Pfab. The Austrian artist (*1984) follows a conceptual approach in which she “measures” the exhibition spaces and stretches black rubber bands geometrically between the walls in such a way that the perception of the entire space irritates our visual habits. Her 12 black-and-white drawings in graphite, also on view, show the central theme of her art, how space defines itself and how it is perceived by the viewer. The works seem like geometries of spatial conditions, but are unique in their precise, contrasting, and at the same time light appearance. Anna-Maria Bogner, born in 1984 in Tyrol, attended the Technical School for Sculpture in Innsbruck and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She lives and works in Düsseldorf and Vienna.
Anna-Maria Bogner says herself about her art:
“We are embedded in the space and cannot escape it. Each of our movements, actions and thoughts is determined by its structure and nature of space. However, our everyday understanding is limited to its three physical dimensions. In fact, we are usually forced to orient ourselves within these dimensions and take them for granted. In doing so, we overlook both structure-determining moments and the variability of space that goes along with them. It is precisely these aspects that are examined in the various studies. The radical subject-oriented perspective locates the emergence of space in the process of cognition: spatial perception is thus a product of our thinking. As such, it includes not only physical but also social dimensions. We can change space through our actions, but also through our existing networks. It can be claimed: Space only comes into being when it is also “thought”. Only its realization creates the space in which we move.”