Opening: September 4, 2020

The exhibition “Composition” consists of two groups of works: On the one hand, written works that take up lines of text from the Romantic period, including an Italian text set to music by Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, as well as Gustav Mahler’s “Composition” after a fairy tale and Franz Schubert’s “Winterreise”. These partly large-format black and white painted lettering on canvas are juxtaposed with a group of colorful abstract paintings. These have no direct reference to the writings, but are understood as free “compositions”. The theme of “framing” and references to the long history of the square in modern art, however, are striking. The strong coloration enlivens the free confrontation with foreground and background. Connections between the square abstractions and the written works are not only the clear edges of the individual pictorial elements, which appear in all paintings, but also the melted forms. All paintings were created by combining different techniques and materials.