Opening: March 13, 2020

The British artist Steven Pippin works with converted or improvised photographic devices and kinetic sculptures. He is considered a melancholic among media artists. Precisely because he does not use the current state of the art for his objects and installations, he manages to let the sentimental hopes that were once placed in photography and television flash up for a moment. Even at the beginning of Pippin’s oeuvre, his works were based on converted furniture and he transformed everyday objects into makeshift pinhole cameras that were used to create atmospheric photographs. Pippin’s works usually require considerable effort to overcome the practical problems of the planned object. The elaboration of the motifs requires various constructions in addition to a long planning process. The resulting photographs are often distorted or otherwise compromised by the nature of their technique. These imperfections are an essential feature of the images as they relate to the object. The photographs are then presented alongside the transformed object. Steven Pippin’s works have been shown in numerous museums, including solo exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou, Paris and the Tate Modern in London. In 1999, Pippin was nominated for the Turner Prize.